Case Studies

Read how PowerStack has changed the game for these industries.

Monitor 3-min
Illegal Rubbish Dumping

PowerStack were chosen due to their ability to blend into their environment, their vandal resistance and their reliability with CCTV systems and ANPR software analytics.

Traffic Monitoring Analytics

PowerStack has deployed intelligence in the form of traffic monitoring systems, placed in strategic locations across the precinct, to drive data on how fast vehicular traffic moves throughout their roadways, bridges and intersections. 

Light 7
Street & Pathway Lighting

The local council needed a lighting solution for a new coastal walkway. This development consisted of a new pathway, street furniture, landscaping and lighting systems to connect residences to many of the regional recreational facilities. 

Monitor 9
CCTV Security with WIFI

The University of Wollongong required security systems to monitor roadways in and out of their campus. Their security division required 6 poles in locations they never thought they could achieve, given the cost to run underground infrastructure. 

Blue sky and a treeline with a black vertical solar pole from PowerStack in the foreground, powering solar street lighting, 100% off-grid.
Solar Street lighting

Berrigan Shire wanted to deploy solar street lighting, device charging and more, in a sustainable way. In areas where accessing grid power was difficult and expensive, PowerStack provided the solution. 

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