Members of PowerStack team pose with Sektor team at a trade event to promote recent distribution agreement

PowerStack Australia announces distribution agreement with Sektor

Sydney, Australia, December 11, 2023 PowerStack is proud to announce it has entered into a distribution agreement with specialist IT distribution company, Sektor


The agreement, which commences in December 2023, will see Sektor offer PowerStack’s off-grid, vertical solar power poles as part of their range. This moves benefits both parties, with Sektor now providing a sustainable, off-grid power supply option that’s compatible with a range of their existing products, and PowerStack accessing Sektor’s extensive sales network and customer base.


Products such as security cameras, IoT sensors and monitoring devices, access control hardware and communications products can be integrated with the vertical solar poles to create 100% off-grid powered infrastructure. 


In areas where accessing AC grid supply is difficult or cost prohibitive, PowerStack is a cost-effective, efficient alternative. It has the added benefit of helping towards sustainability requirements and ‘Net Zero’ goals often included included in new public infrastructure projects. 

PowerStack vertical solar pole with a light arm and PTZ camera shown during sunset

Distribution powering PowerStack forward

Since its inception, PowerStack has worked with integrators and specifiers to design powered solutions for lighting, security, monitoring, connectivity and more, across public and private facilities. 


As part of its continued growth, PowerStack has developed a route to market that focuses on channel partners and distribution. Distribution partners are carefully selected, with Sektor being no different. Michael Bragg, PowerStack’s Global Sales Director commented, 

"We know there is a significant demand for our technology in Australia and a push towards sustainable design, and we have selected Sektor to help us reach that market. We chose Sektor for several key reasons: first and foremost, because of their outreach - Sektor has a wide range of partners to help us expand our presence. Our solution powers some of the products Sektor sells – such as security cameras, and help points – so it’s a natural extension to the conversations that Sektor is already having.”

Alignment in offering and goals

As a 100% channel focused business, Sektor places service quality and an innovative product offering at the heart of its value proposition. Adding the PowerStack technology to their offering aligns with this mission, by enabling new technology solutions for their partners, at at time when the importance of sustainably powered infrastructure is growing rapidly in Australia.


Tom Kinkade, Sektor’s Security Sales Manager commented:

“We at Sektor are thrilled to add the innovative PowerStack products to our portfolio. Their solutions complement our existing technologies, and enable Sektor to deliver complete solutions, even in areas where there is no traditional underground power. Solar power is so fundamental to Australia’s future and with PowerStack solar poles, Sektor is excited to be able to play a role in broadening the reach of this amazing green technology.”

PowerStack solar poles can be easily integrated with a number of the products that Sektor sells, to create ‘off the shelf’ grid-independent solutions, particularly for surveillance, monitoring and networking functionality. The technology and brand agnostic poles have already been used in previous projects for everything from remote bushfire monitoring to pathway lighting and general surveillance. 


The agreement with Sektor will see the distributor offer a core range of PowerStack pole systems including 5, 6 and 8m poles. All systems will feature the unique 4-sided integrated solar panel design, meaning they can be installed anywhere the sun shines. 


The PowerStack team are available to answer general enquiries and help with specification, however do not sell direct to end users. Sales enquiries will be directed to the relevant channel partner for that region. For a full list of suppliers, please see our ‘Where to Buy’ page. 



Read the ARN article on this announcement here.

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