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ISCS announces distribution deal for PowerStack poles

Sydney, Australia, January 17, 2024

Off-grid solar pole designers, PowerStack Australia, have inked a national distribution agreement with leading security technology provider, ISCS.


The PowerStack poles feature a unique vertical design. This enables maximum sunlight capture, to generate 100% off-grid power for numerous applications. Live installations use PowerStack to run cameras, lighting, IoT sensors and communications. The off-grid power generation enables integrators and organisations to deploy powered infrastructure in locations and sites where accessing traditional power is either unavailable, or too costly or difficult an undertaking.


The poles are efficient to install, do not require heavy machinery, and provide reliable power year-round, with their unique, 4-sided vertical design. Compatible with a number of the products that ISCS already supplies, the addition of PowerStack gives the option to deploy such devices in remote locations or in projects with sustainability requirements.

PowerStack pole 3m with bullet camera showing solar powered security application

ISCS delivering PowerStack poles for monitoring and surveillance infrastructure.

As part of its continued growth, PowerStack has developed a route to market that focuses on channel partners and distribution. 


These companies are already working closely with the consultants, architects, integrators and end users for whom PowerStack provides a solution. In project conversations where the accessibility of electrical power becomes an issue, PowerStack poles are an answer. So it makes sense for PowerStack to partner with selected distributors and channel partners to help highlight the benefits of this technology to their customers. 


Michael Bragg, PowerStack’s Chief Executive Officer says:

"ISCS is a well-known and respected name in the security industry, with a strong network and client base. We look for partners that can help us grow PowerStack in the market and who in return will benefit from adding this technology to their offering. And ISCS fits that mould. With so many of the solutions and products that they already supply, PowerStack can be integrated with those devices to create a completely ‘grid independent’ solution. We’re finding more and more that this opens up opportunities for businesses to deploy infrastructure where previously it was too hard, or too expensive. We’re looking forward to working with the ISCS team to unlock those opportunities and help their clients deliver green powered infrastructure.”

ISCS’s Managing Director, Stuart Harmer commented,

“Powerstack stands as a groundbreaking solution tackling diverse challenges in our industry, providing customers with the chance to adopt an eco-friendly approach. ISCS eagerly anticipates playing a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of the Australian market in partnership with Powerstack. Through our extensive distribution network spanning offices across Australia, we are committed to delivering sustainable and forward-thinking security solutions for our valued customers.”

Advancing green credentials in the security industry

The agreement with ISCS will see the distributor offer a core range of PowerStack pole systems including 5, 6 and 8m poles. All systems will feature the unique 4-sided integrated solar panel design, meaning they can be installed anywhere the sun shines. With minimal environmental disruption and creating a sustainable ongoing power supply, PowerStack can be paired with a number of the monitoring and surveillance devices ISCS already offers, to create a green, future-proof solution that help towards Net Zero goals for the end user. 



To get in touch with ISCS, and to see a full list of suppliers for your industry or region, please see our ‘Where to Buy’ page. 



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