PowerStack is named part of the top 100 Climate tech companies for ANZ in 2023 under the HolonIQ challenge

PowerStack named top 100 Climate Tech companies in Holon IQ challenge 2023

Sydney, Australia, October 25, 2023 PowerStack is proud to have been named one of the top 100 climate tech companies for ANZ in 2023, as part of the HolonIQ Challenge. 


The annual list highlights the most promising and innovative companies working in climate technology and renewable energy across Australia and New Zealand. The program has been running since 2020.


It’s part of a global program that seeks to champion and promote startups and scale-ups in this arena. Honourees include companies working in solar power capture and storage, other renewables such as wind or hydrogens and carbon reduction technologies, to name a few. 

PowerStack M30 solar pole with bullet camera

Championing sustainable technology

As a technology provider in the solar space, the PowerStack team were thrilled to be included in the top 100, under the ‘Renewables’ category.


The cohort is split into categories such as Biosphere, Built Environment, Circular economy and Carbon markets. HolonIQ provides a deep dive into the data from applicants, gleaning insights that suggest that renewables in particular are maturing out of the cohort, whilst ‘Circular economy’ and ‘Energy Storage and distribution’ focused teams are dominating. 


This would make sense as these newer technologies gain momentum and interest, whilst renewables teams have seen early success and are now reaching ‘mature status’ in greater numbers. The cap for entrants to the challenge is 10 years.

PowerStack - Climate tech for positive change in more ways than one

As an off-grid solar power product, PowerStack has sustainability at its core. From the materials used to manufacturer and install the technology, to the impact it has on communities, minimising environmental impact is a key consideration. 


PowerStack poles are made using 60%+ recycled aluminium. They are also manufactured locally to each market, reducing carbon footprint in freight. Unlike traditional solar products with large flat panels, they do not require heavy concrete foundations, which can cause environmental impact through leeching. 

And of course, as a grid-independent power source, they remove the need for carbon fueled electricity to deploy infrastructure, helping end clients with their Net Zero goals. 


PowerStack’s Marketing Director, Jennifer Hancock commented on the award,

“We're thrilled to be included in the 2023 Climate Tech 100 honourees. Whilst solar power as a concept is nothing new, what we're doing with vertical poles is making it more efficient and more accessible. It's an example of how in tech and product design, we can keep pushing the technology and awareness forward until you get to that pinnacle of design. That's when it becomes far better, cheaper and easier than the 'status quo' alternative. That's when you get mass adoption, and that's when we'll start to see real positive impact of these types of technology. ”

PowerStack is an award-winning solar product, which has seen impressive growth over the last few years. Manufactured in both North America and Australia, the vertical integrated solar poles have been used for a wide range of applications including street and pathway lighting, surveillance and CCTV monitoring, wildlife friendly lighting in conservations zone and bushfire monitoring in a vital water catchment area


See the full 2023 cohort map for the HolonIQ Climate tech 100 ANZ below.

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