Remote monitoring camera deployment

Remote monitoring infrastructure for the Melbourne Water Corporation. With EYEfi and Axis® Communications, powered by PowerStack. 

Project type: Remote monitoring camera deployment with VSaaS for bushfire detection in the Melbourne water catchment

Location: Melbourne Water Catchment, VIC, Australia

Product: M60 (6m) PowerStack solar pole. Paired with EYEfi SPARC and Axis® Communications multidirectional camera

Technology Partners: EYEFi and Axis® Communications

Date/Year: February, 2023 (ongoing project)

PowerStack remote monitoring solution with EYEFi cloud and Axis camera in Melbourne bushland
Remote monitoring camera scans for bushfires, with the technology powered by vertical solar poles

Project: EYEfi Technologies won a project with the Melbourne Water Corporation (MWC) to deploy remote monitoring of water catchment areas. The aim was to create an early warning system for bushfires and monitor other events like lightning strikes.


They were utilising their EYEfi SPARC technology. This a cloud based video surveillance product available on a ‘Video Software as a Service’ basis. The software is compatible with a range of different camera types. 


In early 2023, they were granted an upgrade order for the initial project. This order included the opening of a new surveillance site in a remote area, which would require off-grid power.


This new site would enable new surveillance of several thousand square miles of bushland. With the monitoring system also being made accessible to various fire personnel within the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA, formerly DELWP), they would have brand new fire location and detection oversight throughout Melbourne’s water catchments. 


Challenge: Because the project sites were in difficult to reach locations, accessing traditional grid power was not an option. The team were looking for something off-grid that wouldn’t require heavy machinery or vehicle access. It would also need to be  installed and maintained easily.

Remote monitoring in off-grid areas made easy with PowerStack solar poles

PowerStack solar solution: The vertical, 100% off-grid poles were the ideal option to deploy this remote monitoring solution. Powerful enough to run the EYEfi communications technology, which operates over Telstra’s powerful 5G/LTE cellular network, and the Axis Communications camera, without any external power supply.



By having the solar panels integrated into the pole, (enabling a small footprint), there is no need for heavy foundations or bulky, brittle flat panels. The poles were installed using a concrete-free foundation which minimises disruption to the surrounding environment, doesn’t require heavy machinery and meant they could be in and connected in under an hour. 



Plus with the unique 4-sided design, the poles are poised to capture sun from all angles, meaning they’ll operate year round. This, combined with the ‘plug n play’ EYEfi technology and Axis camera functionality, created an easy-to-deploy, remote monitoring system that unlocks invaluable data for the MWC and DEECA.

PowerStack helped us expand our bushfire detection systems with reliable, off-grid solar power. An innovative and sustainable solution for power supply in remote areas.'

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How it works - Solar power poles enabling remote monitoring

PowerStack works with different technology partners and integrators to ensure the best solution for the end user. Here we worked directly with EYEfi to deliver a solar power solution for their technology and chosen camera device. 


Brand and technology agnostic, PowerStack is compatible with a huge range of different devices, and whilst we don’t sell directly to end users, we’re here to help with specification and design. So if you have an application and device in mind, reach out to us for technical information or with any questions. 


For more information on compatible technologies and applications, please GET IN TOUCH. For a list of PowerStack suppliers, see the ‘Where to Buy’ page. 

Solar Power Poles Drive Key Outcomes 

PowerStack vertical solar can be used to power a number of different technologies including security cameras, IoT sensors, lighting, help points and wi-fi networks. Aside from reliable power supply, vertical solar has numerous benefits for both the integrator and the end user. Here are a few of the key features that made PowerStack a standout for this project. 

100% off-grid, green energy for powered infrastructure helps reduce the end user’s carbon emissions.

Rugged, weatherproof design with shatterproof, fire resistant, glassless solar panels. 

Flexible modular, integrated design is technology and brand agnostic, giving the end user full choice.

No heavy machinery required, installed in under an hour by a 2 person team. Winches down for easy maintenance. 

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