Solar power in Dubai takes on a new look with PowerStack vertical solar

PowerStack is a win for Solar Power in Dubai

Dubai, UAE February 2024 PowerStack vertical solar was a shining light at the recent 2024 Intersec show in Dubai and the Light + Intelligent Building expo, running contemporaneously at the Dubai World Trade Centre. 


Solar Power in Dubai is seeing increasing interest, as the UAE has been at the forefront of embracing solar and renewable energies, with a robust framework of policies and government initiatives to encourage sustainable energy adoption. 


The events provided an ideal platform for PowerStack to showcase its groundbreaking solar technology, which seamlessly integrates with physical security solutions and commercial lighting to create infrastructure solutions that can be deployed wirelessly.

PowerStack staff discuss solar power in dubai and it's uses for off-grid monitoring solutions

Solar Powered Security - Off-grid monitoring

At Intersec, PowerStack was a guest of Axis Communications®, with a pole display on their stand at the event. The PowerStack team showcased their vertical solar poles as a versatile solution for powering CCTV cameras and security and monitoring infrastructure. 


Axis is one of the many brands that integrates with PowerStack to create solar powered, totally off-grid infrastructure solutions. 


The flexible, reliable and self-sustaining nature of the PowerStack solar poles addresses the critical need for continuous power in security applications, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even in remote or off-grid locations.


For use cases such as utilities plants and pipelines, mining, data centres, manufacturing facilities, and even remote tourist attractions, getting power to a location can be time consuming and disruptive. PowerStack removes those challenges, and is well placed to deliver 24/7 solar power in Dubai and other locations that receive high sunlight hours all year round. 

Sustainable, solar powered architectural lighting

The neighbouring Light + Intelligent Building design expo provided PowerStack with an opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, We-ef. The German founded lighting design company were presenting at the show, and integrated their latest AFL-100 series luminaire with a PowerStack pole to display off-grid, solar powered lighting.


The UAE’s commitment to smart city initiatives aligns perfectly with the potential of PowerStack technology, combined with providers like We-ef, to create energy-efficient urban spaces. By harnessing solar energy to power streetlights, the vertical solar poles not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to the nation’s environmental goals.


With sustainability and renewably powered lighting design a core focus for We-ef in 2024, PowerStack was a clear choice for solar powered energy provision. The fully integrated, sleek design of the poles matches well with the aesthetic of the We-ef products, and provides a solar powered solution that is as at home in urban areas as it is in remote locations.

Street and architectural Lighting run by solar power in Dubai at the Light + Intelligent building expo

Solar power in Dubai and the UAE - a core focus for PowerStack

PowerStack’s presentation at the Dubai events was very well received, with a high level of interest in the technology and talks already in progress for future projects. 


In response to the increasing demand for renewable energy, the UAE has implemented progressive policies, including incentives for businesses investing in solar solutions. The focus on diversifying the energy mix aligns with PowerStack’s mission to provide innovative solar infrastructure solutions.


Beyond solar powered lighting and security devices, PowerStack is enabled to provide energy for everything from small EV (electric vehicle charging), to network deployment and IoT Sensors. The flexibility of the technology means there are myriad use cases and applications where sustainable energy provision could deliver infrastructure that is not only more efficient to deploy, but that helps the end user towards Net Zero goals. 

Solar power in Dubai is a growing priority for the progressive nation.

"With strategic investments in sustainable energy and particularly solar powered projects, there’s a real desire for technologies like PowerStack in the UAE. The interest in renewable progression, coupled with favourable regulatory frameworks makes the UAE an ideal market for our vertical solar poles. We can see many applications for the technology and we look forward to continuing conversations with prospects there alongside our technology partners in the region."

PowerStack’s presence at Intersec and the Light + Intelligent Building design expo in Dubai underscores the company’s commitment to revolutionising the renewable energy landscape for critical and public infrastructure, in the UAE and beyond.

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