Solar power poles illuminate Woodlands Estate, NZ

Integrated solar power poles give sustainable energy for operational and safety lighting 

Project type: Operational and safety lighting for a historical estate entrance

Location: Woodlands Estate, Gordonton, Waikato District, New Zealand 

Product: M50 (5m) PowerStack pole with low voltage LED lights and concrete-free foundation 

Integration Partner: CSP

Date/Year: November, 2023 

Solar power pole illuminating the gate at Woodlands Estate, at night.
A worker installs a PowerStack solar power pole using a concrete free foundation

Project: A New Zealand first – PowerStack solar poles at a heritage site.

Woodlands Estate, Gordonton in the Waikato is a Category 1 Historic Place, and its gardens are rated as a 5-star Garden of National Significance but the New Zealand Garden Trust. The site is owned by the Waikato District Council and managed by the Gordonton-Woodlands Trust.

With numerous functions taking place at the estate, many of which run into the evening or night time, there was a need to illuminate the picturesque entrance gate. This would enhance safety and security for visitors and staff entering and leaving after nightfall.

Challenge: Because of the historic status of the site and gardens, there were set criteria around lighting design and deployment. There was also a desire to minimise construction and the disruption that would cause to the local environment and estate visitors. With no easy access to grid power for the site, this meant they were looking for a non-mains supplied power source.

The council and estate teams were also looking for something sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and time-efficient. 

PowerStack solar power poles driving environmentally conscious design

PowerStack solar solution: The Waikato District Council team worked with the integrator on this project, CSP, to design a system with PowerStack solar power poles. The poles were chosen because they met with the WDC’s teams requirements, which included:

  •  Reliable power for lighting at the gate to enhance safety and security
  • A light fixture that operated with the least amount of light pollution
  • A quick, efficient install with minimal disruption
  • An off-grid power source
  • A sleek, aesthetic solution rather than the bulky flat panels of traditional solar

Outside of this criteria, PowerStack is environmentally conscious, which aligned with the end user’s goals for sustainable infrastructure. This, combined with a concrete-free foundation, and the motion sensor lights chosen for the payload, created a design that not only minimised environmental impact during installation, but also offers ongoing sustainable function, and reduced light pollution compared to alternatives. 

I would absolutely recommend PowerStack to others. [It's] not just a lighting column and i would recommend that if anyone is considering this as an option for their project to take the time to learn and understand how this system works as there are so many functions this column has and can produce.'

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How it works - Solar power poles delivering sustainable energy for public infrastructure

PowerStack works with integrators and specifiers to deliver the best solution for the application. In this instance, the integrator CSP put together the solution using our solar pole with motion activated sensor lights. It was installed using a Surefoot concrete-free foundation.


Because PowerStack is modular and technology and brand agnostic, this is just one example of what you can run with our vertical solar power poles. From PTZ, dome and bullet cameras, to architectural lighting, PA systems and device charging… we can provide 100% grid-independent power, with PowerStack.

For more information on compatible technologies and applications, please GET IN TOUCH. For a list of PowerStack suppliers, see the ‘Where to Buy’ page. 

Solar Power Poles Drive Key Outcomes 

PowerStack vertical solar can be used to power a number of different technologies including security cameras, IoT sensors, lighting, help points and wi-fi networks. Aside from reliable power supply, vertical solar has numerous benefits for both the integrator and the end user. Here are a few of the key features that made PowerStack a standout for this project. 

100% off-grid, green power for powered infrastructure helps reduce the end user’s carbon emissions.

24/7 power that’s built to last, with shatterproof, vandal resistant panels. Plus it’s just as reliable as grid electricity .

No excessive downtime, no utility regulatory red tape and $0 ongoing electricity costs for the end user.

No heavy machinery required, and installed in under an hour. PowerStack reduces community and environmental disruption. 

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