Solar Powered CCTV and ANPR for Illegal Rubbish Dumping

Project Type: Solar powered CCTV for Illegal rubbish dumping

Location: Shellharbour, NSW

Product: 6M PowerStack with S16 Mobotix CCTV 4G edge computing APNR recognition

Date: April 2020

Project: The EPA in conjunction with local regional councils Australia-wide are cracking down on illegal rubbish dumpers. PowerStack’s solution of a solar powered CCTV setup was chosen due to their ability to blend into their environment.  The vandal resistance features and their reliability with CCTV systems and ANPR software analysis were also key considerations. 


Cost Analysis: These projects could not be powered by AC grid power. Using solar powered CCTV meant that EPA and councils could deploy reliable security and prosecute offenders who were causing damage to the surrounding environment. PowerStack created essential power supply where there was no option for grid supply. 

PowerStack vertical solar pole in the foreground, showcasing solar powered cctv.
Solar powered CCTV monitoring with ANPR in Shellharbour. Powered by PowerStack vertical solar.

Conclusion: By deploying monitoring cameras with number plate recognition and edge processing, the team could identify and prosecute offenders. They also found that the presence of CCTV monitoring deterred ‘would-be’ offenders and drastically reduced illegal dumping incident.  


One of the key outcomes from this porject was that in the 12 months since installing the solar powered CCTV solution, the regions saw a 98.75% decrease in illegal dumping incidents.