Solar Powered Street Lighting

Solar Powered Street Lighting in Tasmania

Solar powered street lighting and path lighting is typically associated with places that get a lot of sunlight. And Tasmania isn’t always associated with lots of sun because, being so far from the equator, it can have very short days. But when solar powered street lighting was being considered for a project in Margate, TAS, PowerStack answered the call. 

Project Type: 450m stretch as part of a section of street and pathway lighting


Location: Dru Point, Margate, (South of Hobart), Tasmania


Product: 6 x 8m (M80) PowerStack vertical solar pole, powering a  9w We-ef VFL530-SE luminaire


Date: January 2017


Project Overview : The local council (Kingborough) needed a lighting solution for a new coastal walkway in Hobart, Tasmania. This development consisted of a new pathway, street furniture, landscaping and lighting systems to connect residences to many of the region’s recreational facilities. 


The goal of the project was to increased safety, security and usability of the area for residents and visitors. The integrator chosen to design and deploy the technology was Southern Lighting for this project. 

Solar powered street lighting in Tasmania
Solar street lighting, at Dru Point in Tasmania

The Challenge - Why Solar powered street lighting was considered

For the supply and installation of AC/Traditional grid powered lighting poles, including underground cabling, the cost analysis was $92,000 + ongoing lease rates for the maintained luminaires. Add to this the disruption to the environment and community that would be caused by trenching needed for the electrical cable.


By comparison, the PowerStack solution was going to be around $10,000 (11-12%) more cost effective. And whilst there was also ongoing maintenance with these poles, there was less regulatory paperwork and no trenching or cabling required. This is because the solar powered street lighting solution from PowerStack is 100% off-grid, using just the power of the sun.


Added to this, because there was no extension of electrical infrastructure required, the poles could be installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and community. 

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Outcomes and benefits of Solar

Solar powered street lighting poles at night in Tasmania

Not only was the solar powered street lighting option from PowerStack more cost effective, it also presented a green lighting solution.


With no reliance on the grid, the illumination from solar power supply is sustainable, and means no ongoing electrical supply costs for the end user (the Council in this application). 


And, as PowerStack is brand and technology agnostic, it also meant the integrator and the end user had complete choice and control over the light fixture and run profile chosen.

Vertical solar powered lighting - how does it work?

PowerStack’s unique vertically integrated solar panels on all 4 sides maximise sun capture. As the diagrams show, this means it’s getting sun throughout the day, whereas traditional flat panelled solar misses out on that during the morning and evening.


All PowerStack systems are modular, and they’re designed for the location they’re installed in. Typically, that means the further you are from the equator, the more panels/taller pole you’ll need. And the system is designed on midwinter (lowest sunlight hours) for each location.


That’s how, even for somewhere like Tasmania, which can have very short winter days, we can design a PowerStack system to suit. 

Diagram of conventional solar and sunlight blocking
Diagram showing how PowerStack vertical solar for solar powered street lighting is superior to flat panel solar

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