Solar street lighting and more for Berrigan Shire

Deploying solar street lighting, CCTV monitoring and wireless device charging, with PowerStack.

Solar powered street lighting from PowerStack, with a 6m integrated solar pole.

Project Overview : Berrigan Shire council, committed to promoting sustainability, safety and community development had identified a number of public areas that required additional lighting monitoring and connectivity.


Some of these sites did not have existing access to grid power so needed an alternative solution. Sustainability and environmental impact were key considerations for the council team.


After seeing the PowerStack system demonstrated at an event, they chose to deploy PowerStack vertical solar poles, working with Buckford Illumination group as a primary integration partner. 

This project helps work towards a safer community for Berrigan Shire. This new way of being able to access this technology will be a huge benefit for our Shire.
Mayor Matthew Hannan
Berrigan Shire Council
PowerStack 4 sided integrated vertical solar poles provide off-grid power for a 4-way, outdoor phone charging station.

PowerStack solar solution: The vertical, fully integrated solar poles from PowerStack were chosen as a cost-effective way to deploy street and pathway lighting, CCTV monitoring and device charging across key sites. These sites included Berrigan Skate Park, the Foundry Park and Railway park in Finley, Tocumwal Splash Park and Tocumwal Aviation Museum, and both the Adventure Park and Botanical Gardens in Barooga.


The PowerStack poles could be deployed without the expensive and time consuming processes required to extend or access grid power. They integrated easily with the AXIS® CCTV cameras and WE-EF luminaires chosen by the council and integration partners. 


The 3, 6 and 8m vertical solar poles were also powerful enough to run the cellular communications router for monitoring devices and enabled real choice for the council and integration partners as they are brand and technology agnostic. 

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Download the full overview of the Berrigan Shire project including technology partner information and key outcomes.

Solar Power Drives Key Outcomes 

100% off-grid, green power for powered infrastructure helps reduce the end user’s carbon emissions.

24/7 power that’s built to last, with shatterproof, vandal resistant panels. Plus it’s just as reliable as grid electricity .

No excessive downtime, no utility regulatory red tape and $0 ongoing electricity costs for the end user.

No heavy machinery required, and installed in under an hour. PowerStack reduces community and environmental disruption. 

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