Solar Powered Critical Infrastructure

Keeping Critical Infrastructure powered, secure and connected, round-the-clock, even when you can’t be there.

The security of critical infrastructure has never been more crucial. Having eyes and ears on the ground is a necessity to keep things running smoothly, to meet the demands of modern life. Along with 100% off-grid power, connectivity and safety, PowerStack has solved the security problems that plague critical infrastructure and delivered it to you, today. 

The PowerStack Difference

PowerStack ensures you have total site power, night and day, with a 5-day power backup, to make sure you stay connected and secure at all times.

Modern life demands the reliability of critical infrastructure services. This means that dependable power is crucial. With a 5-day power backup, PowerStack ensures you have energy to your site at all times. 


We know how important being able to monitor your site, assets and people is. PowerStack enables you to deploy smart monitoring technology where you need it most, so you can have eyes and ears on the ground, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to keep your site safe with round-the-clock monitoring and security. 


Being able to communicate, send and share data within the critical infrastructure industry is vital for safety, security and production purposes. PowerStack ensures you stay connected round the clock with smart technology. Deployed on the ground in 28 minutes by a two-man team, there is no need for heavy machinery, trenching or excessive downtime. 


We understand how important keeping your people safe is. Illuminate your whole site to provide safer access for works to be completed. Illumination for the safety of your people and security of your site and assets. 

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PowerStack provides endless possibilities

Intelligent design, expert engineering, global solutions.

Deployed communications.

Communications for Critical Infrastructure provides essential data for safety and greater production capabilities to your business. Powerstack allows you to rapidly deploy teleCommunications, WIFI HotSpots, Cellular repeaters, Wireless connection of autonomous vehicles and Radio Intelligence in minutes, Staying connected 24/7… Ask us how!

Off-the-grid power.

The busy urban landscape means that grid charging isn’t always available, isn’t economically viable and isn’t sustainable. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid Charging stations, small to medium Electric vehicle charging, Drone charging for maintenance and monitoring… Ask us how!

Total site monitoring.

PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy monitoring technology to provide a duty of care for your workforce – providing eyes & ears through CCTV, Emergency help points, Proximity, AIOT, Environmental (gas, dust, weather, flood) sensors, trespassing monitoring, beach/ocean monitoring, anywhere the sun shines… Ask us how!

Illuminating critical areas.

Illuminating critical areas (cable free) provides a safer route from Point A to Point B. PowerStack allows the rapid deployment of off-grid lighting assets for car parks, walkways, roadways, communes, even tunnels, emergency warning beacons, in 28 minutes… Ask us how!

“I properly love our new PowerStack solar solution. Not only does it look fantastic, but by design it is vandal proof, and has solar panel redundancy with ideal weight distribution for visual analytics/motion detection. 

We are delivering traditional security, monitored visual verification, analytics, networking & IoT services anywhere the sun shines”

Luke Kavanagh

General Manager of Innovation,

Sapio Pty Ltd

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