Keeping Smart Cities running and safe, with 24-hour monitoring and 100% off-grid energy solutions, delivered to you, today.

Our cities are busier than ever, and our lives depend on stable connectivity and power. The urban landscape means that grid power isn’t always available or reliable. Power can be expensive, complex and timely to deploy in pre-existing and built-up areas.


PowerStack provides smart cable-free power, connectivity, monitoring and lighting to critical areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The PowerStack Difference

PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-the-grid lighting assets, alongside smart security and energy solutions, keeping the community safe and connected.

Smart cities need smart technology to keep them running. From keeping your people safe to ensuring your businesses and infrastructure run efficiently, PowerStack has delivered a solution to keep cities moving. 


Dark spots in cities can be a safety concern to those using them. From underpasses and alleyways to parks and roads, these areas can often become a target for criminal activity. Using only a 2-man team, PowerStack can be deployed on the ground in just 28 minutes, ensuring you have security instantly. There is no need to dig up pre-existing urban areas, as PowerStack does not need expensive cabling or heavy machinery to install. 


PowerStack understands how critical security is in bustling urban areas. Rapidly deploy monitoring technology and AIoT where it’s needed most, keeping cities safe from crime, extreme weather events and more, with round-the-clock monitoring. 


We know that being able to share essential data and keeping production moving is crucial to any populated area, which is why PowerStack uses smart technology to keep you connected, day or night. A 5-day power backup guarantees that you can keep the power on when you need it the most. 

Connect 1-min

PowerStack provides endless possibilities

Intelligent design, expert engineering, global solutions.

Deployed communications.

Communications for the Smart Cities Urbanscape provides essential data for safety and greater production capabilities to businesses. Powerstack allows you to rapidly deploy teleCommunications, WIFI HotSpots, Cellular repeaters, Wireless connection of autonomous vehicles and Radio Intelligence in minutes, Staying connected 24/7… Ask us how!

Off-the-grid power.

The busy urban landscape means that grid charging isn’t always available, isn’t economically viable and isn’t sustainable. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid Charging stations for phones, iPads, e-Bikes, e-Scooters, drones and more… Ask us how!

Total site monitoring.

PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy monitoring technology, providing essential traffic, people counting, weather, environmental sensors, securing assets, number plate recognition, Proximity sensors and AIOT anywhere the sun shines… Ask us how!

Illuminating critical areas.

Illuminating critical areas (cable free) allows for a safer community. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid lighting assets for car parks, walkways, roadways, even tunnels in 28 minutes… Ask us how!

“The PowerStack has been a game-changer for us - we now have high definition cameras that can recognise number plates at night and at high speed without the need of major power supply or running infrastructure”

James Vincent

Regional Illegal Dumping Prevention Coordinator

Southern Region Waste Program

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