Street & Pathway Lighting

Project Type: 1.5KM of street and pathway lighting

Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Product: 6m PowerStack column with 24w We-ef WFL luminaire

Date: January 2017

Project: The local council needed a lighting solution for a new coastal walkway in Hobart, Tasmania. This development consisted of a new pathway, street furniture, landscaping and lighting systems to connect residences to many of the region’s recreational facilities. 


Cost Analysis: For the supply and installation of AC powered lighting poles including underground cable, it was going to cost $252,000. The PowerStack solar lighting solution saved 45% on the supply and install cost with the added benefit of being 100% powered by the sun. 

Conclusion: Lighting levels were achieved by utilising the WE-EF VFL530SE street luminaire saving $112,000 by not having to run underground cable, with the added benefit of no ongoing electricity supply.