Traffic Monitoring Analytics

Project Type: Traffic monitoring analytics AIoT

Location: Granville, NSW

Product: 6M PowerStack with Avigilon Dome and 4G edge computing traffic management

Date: March 2021

Project: Granville is located in sydney’s Western suburbs, in New South Wales. We developed intelligence in the form of traffic monitoring systems placed in strategic locations across the precinct to drive data on how fast vehicular traffic moves throughout their roadways, bridges and intersections.


Cost Analysis: The city deployed cable-free smart infrastructure and removed the need to deal with the local utility. This saved them 6 months of negotiations to connect metered power supply and permits. They also removed the enormous amount of money the utility was going to charge to run their coal-fired electrical cable. 

Conclusion: Data collected will assist in new traffic signal timing with real data driving these traffic signals to clear vehicles out of the precinct and onto their final destination. AIoT means this system learns when larger volumes of traffic will be present, adjust and therefore eliminating traffic bottlenecks.