What is PowerStack?

An intelligent new way of delivering power and IoT off the grid, with smart power pole systems built to last.


100% off-the-grid power, saving you time and money. Renewable and sustainable, PowerStack ensures you have power round the clock.


Deployed Intelligence, wireless IoT technology, delivered to remote areas; weather sensors, security cameras, lighting, communications, charging and more. Working for multiple industries including agriculture, mining, critical infrastructure and smart cities. 


When you need smart power on the ground, without costing you the earth; think PowerStack.

The impact of PowerStack

Giving you eyes and ears on the ground, supporting and protecting your people and your assets, even when you’re not around.


Whether it’s a remote mining site that needs extra security, or a university campus that requires extra lighting, with PowerStack, you are safer and more connected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Deployed in 28 minutes, there is no need for excessive downtime or heavy machinery. PowerStack can be installed on the ground by a two-man team, meaning no access issues on site. 


A 5-day power backup ensures you’ll have constant uptime, rain, hail or shine, so you know you can trust us when it comes to delivering power when you need it most. 



Deployment in under an hour (the record is 28 minutes) including the concrete free foundation.



No downtime or heavy machinery required saving up to 90% on the project timeline and reducing costs.



24/7 consistent power with up to a 5-day battery backup and a 10-year warranty on the pole.



Expertly designed, 100% off-grid solar products to power all industries and locations.

PowerStack provides endless possibilities

Intelligent design, expert engineering, global solutions.

Deployed communications.

PowerStack rapidly deploys any type of Communication systems, WIFI hotspots, 3/4 & 5G Cellular, Satellites, gateways, Radio & access point Intelligence.

Off-the-grid power.

PowerStack rapidly deploys Charging ability for your community including Phone & Device charging, Mobility charging e-Bike,  Scooters, e-Skateboards & Drone technologies.

Total site monitoring.

PowerStack rapidly deploys IoT sensors, Traffic & Parking monitoring, People Counting, ANPR, Weather, Wildlife, Bush Fire, Drowning, Flood Zones / Waterways, Railway Corridors & Airports.

Illuminating critical areas.

PowerStack rapidly deploys illumination systems including Street lighting, Parking lots Pathway, Foreshore, Break walls, Boat ramp and sculptures.

“The PowerStack has been a game changer for us - we now have high definition cameras that can recognise number plates at night and at high speed without the need of major power supply or running infrastructure”

James Vincent

Regional Illegal Dumping Prevention Coordinator

Southern Region Waste Program

See how PowerStack is changing the world

Live data from our deployed power poles on the ground, Australia-wide.

1429569.6 Cars
Equivalent cars offset

Based on the energy saved from the national grid, this is the number of cars that PowerStack would have taken off the road.

714784.8 Tons
Tons of CO2 offset

Amount of C02 not released into the atmosphere, due to PowerStack's renewable energy.

2144354.4 KW
Green energy generated

The amount of renewable energy generated by PowerStack smart power poles.

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