Convergint® aligns with PowerStack for global vendor contract

Austin, Texas, Global security systems integrator, Convergint has inked a deal with award-winning vertical solar company, PowerStack, to supply vertical solar pole products for security applications across the globe. 


The newly signed agreement, coordinated by the US head office, will see Convergint offer a range of PowerStack’s modular, vertically integrated solar systems for powering security hardware and infrastructure. 

Enabling Convergint security solutions, 100% off-grid

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Convergint already works alongside a global network of technology providers to design and install solutions across a range of service areas including physical security, CCTV and surveillance, access control, electronic security and cybersecurity. 


This ‘best-fit’ approach aligns with PowerStack’s technology- and brand-agnostic platform, enabling Convergint to pair best-in-class devices with the off-grid solar poles for security infrastructure that can be deployed virtually anywhere. Indeed, PowerStack has already been utilized in real world installations using many popular security technology brands available through Convergint. 


One such project was for CapMetro in Austin, Texas, where Convergint created a solution that used cameras and light arms, powered by PowerStack, to create enhanced security and lighting for Austin transit hubs. 

Wireless solar power CCTV and light pole at a transit hub in Texas, a project with Convergint

PowerStack delivering reliable power, 24/7 for Convergint solutions

PowerStack’s unique vertical design optimizes sun harvesting. This means a pole can provide reliable 24/7 uptime, even in the middle of winter, when sunlight hours are lowest. Built from rugged aluminum and shatterproof, glassless solar panels, the poles are easy to install and built to last, even in harsh conditions. 


As a stand-alone power supply, trenching, cabling, and heavy machinery required to install AC power is off the table, not to mention time lost for approvals to connect to the grid. PowerStack is a cost-efficient alternative to make outdoor security systems viable. In sites and locations where there is an immediate need, or where accessing grid power is not practical, PowerStack can be installed using a concrete-free foundation and just a two-person team, slashing budgets and timelines.

Creating sustainable, future proof system design

With a ‘future thinking’ approach, Convergint’s mission is to offer the best solution and service to the customer.  In today’s world, this often means a sustainable solution. With PowerStack, Convergint’s customers benefit from reliable power that doesn’t cost the earth, contributing to corporate social responsibility and Net Zero goals. The partnership further enables Convergint to offer solutions for infrastructure in remote locations that have been otherwise difficult to service.


Convergint’s [title] [full name] commented,


‘As companies and the public sector contemplate how to improve site security in our modern world, we’re seeing more demand for IoT monitoring, remote surveillance, and early warning systems. Of course, all those functions require power, including the communication networks to which they connect. Power provision to support security system design continually frustrates projects and can make a mess of project budgets and timelines. The time, cost and disruption to extend existing infrastructure means some projects just never make it past go. We’re excited to have PowerStack in Convergint’s toolbox to eliminate another barrier to solving our customer’s security requirements. What’s more, we see a bright future for expanding Convergint’s offering with reliable, sustainable, and technology-agnostic infrastructure like PowerStack.’

Aligning with Convergint brings the PowerStack technology to a wider market than ever before, with the technology provider accessing new markets and benefiting from Convergint’s stellar industry reputation.


PowerStack’s CEO, Michael Bragg commented on the agreement, 


‘We really like the way that the Convergint team operates and their values align with ours. We already know there are myriad uses and applications for our technology, and Convergint has the network and expertise to present those applications as part of a holistic solution, alongside the credible device brands they already work with. With their global reach, we’re excited to work with their teams to put our technology to work in new verticals and markets where there’s a mandate for sustainability or just a requirement to get power where it’s needed quickly.’

PowerStack goes for growth in 2024

The PowerStack Energy team at Global Security Exchange

In a nod to the growing imperative for sustainable infrastructure solutions, PowerStack has seen expansive growth over the last 12 months, taking on new distribution partners across the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and still expanding further into new markets. The technology was warmly received at the recent Intersec show in Dubai, and will also be presented at the upcoming ISC West Security exhibition in Las Vegas.


As part of the new agreement between Convergint and PowerStack, the solar provider will showcase its technology and kickstart sales education with Convergint global representatives at their UNITE Conference held in Florida, in mid March 2024.

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