PowerStack vertical solar pole on a gradient image background with a blocked graphic overlay with the PowerStack light logo and Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions logo

Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions represents PowerStack

Dallas, TX November 2023: PowerStack USA is pleased to announce it has signed a supplier agreement with manufacturer’s representative, Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions. 


Hossley will represent PowerStack’s vertical solar pole solutions for lighting applications across several southeastern states. The territory includes the northern half of Texas, the Florida Panhandle, and the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.


Commencing in November 2023, the partnership enables PowerStack to grow its footprint in the region, benefitting from Hossley’s reputation as a trusted and reliable service provider.

A map of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida with everything except the southern half of Texas and Florida higlighted green. The green represents territories covered by Hossley Lighting as representatives for PowerStack vertical solar poles.

Similarly, Hossley benefits from adding PowerStack’s vertical, solar power poles to its offering. This provides a sustainable power option that integrates with many lighting products already on their line card. Used together, these integrations facilitate turnkey, off-grid lighting solutions.


Hossley is a full service lighting agency, with the in-house skills and experience to support a project from initial design concept through to final product. The firm works with a range of light fixture manufacturers, lighting controls providers, and electrical product manufacturers. This approach enables Hossley to offer holistic solutions for architectural indoor and outdoor lighting. 


PowerStack brings a new dimension to their outdoor solutions. The vertical solar poles enable remote, sustainable power supply for projects where accessing hard-wired AC power is too difficult or cost prohibitive.

Hossley’s Don Henderson, president, had this to say about the new partnership: 

“The Hossley team is thrilled to add an attractive, robust, and versatile solar pole to our line card. Our teams are identifying many opportunities where PowerStack will make a great fit for outdoor lighting projects. More to come in 2024!”

Speaking about the new collaboration, PowerStack’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Sigmon commented,

“We’re proud to be working with Hossley to enable more sustainable outdoor lighting solutions across several southern states. Their extensive network and solid credibility will enable PowerStack to reach more customers and help property owners on their path to Net-Zero. What’s more, with such a simple and robust power pole, Hossley can now enable new projects that had previously been shelved due to complexity or cost.
Whether for safety and security lighting, architectural lighting in parks or for projects with a sustainability requirement, PowerStack gives them the option for off-grid, clean power generation, wherever the sun shines. We look forward to working with the Hossley team to educate their customers on the benefits of vertical, integrated solar.”

The partnership establishes Hossley as the go-to resource for PowerStack in the outdoor lighting space across the region. Hossley now offers a range of PowerStack vertical solar poles, from 3ft pathway lighting bollards up to 25ft columns. The poles can be used to power a variety of light fixtures and mounting options. They can also be configured for different lighting profiles depending on project requirements.  


To find a Hossley representative in the south central region or to find a PowerStack rep near you, see our ‘Where to buy’ page.

Solar power poles for Hossley commercial outdoor lighting

PowerStack vertical solar poles integrate with a number of lighting manufacturers, including those represented by Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions, to create ‘clean’ lighting solutions.


With PowerStack, you can avoid the time and expense of trenching, wiring, utility connections, and bulky foundations required by alternatives. PowerStack’s off-grid design facilitates reliable, cost-effective power and helps towards low-carbon goals.


Reliable power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. PowerStack is solar, reimagined.

PowerStack provides a range of outdoor solar powered road lighting solutions

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