100% off-grid surveillance and lighting

Monitoring and illumination for a historical marker with sustainable solar power poles.

Project Type: Off-grid surveillance and lighting for a Texas historical marker

Location: City of Deer Park, Texas, USA

Product: M60 (20ft) PowerStack poles with Axis Communications® camera, Ubiquiti router, and LED light arm  

Integration Partner: DataVox

Year: 2023 

Off-grid surveillance and lighting with Solar power poles from PowerStack

Project: The City of Deer Park required lighting and surveillance to illuminate, monitor, and protect a memorial to some of the earliest settlers to Texas. Funding for this project was green lit to deliver lighting for the marker and sections of the nearby public trail. The team also requested a CCTV camera for enhanced surveillance and security around the marker.


Challenge: With no nearby access to grid power, the City was considering an off-grid solar solution. Site aesthetics were a high priority, so traditional solar with large foundations and bulky panels weren’t going to work. The team needed an off-grid surveillance and lighting power source that was sleek and easy to install. 

PowerStack - Grid-independent power for surveillance and site lighting infrastructure

Solution: PowerStack vertical solar poles were chosen to power an off-grid security solution for the marker, with an LED light arm to provide additional illumination. Further poles were deployed using the same LED light arm to provide operational and aesthetic illumination for sections of the nearby trail.

Because PowerStack vertical solar poles are 100% grid independent, they could be deployed quickly and easily. With no utility approval, trenching or ‘wiring-in’ of AC grid power, each PowerStack pole can be installed in under an hour. The poles are installed without heavy machinery, using a special concrete-free foundation. 

Flexible and powerful enough to run the integrator’s requested multidirectional camera and light fixture, the ‘all-in-one’ power pole solution was also a sleek addition to the site. 

Off-grid surveillance and lighting on a vertically integrated solar pole at Deer Park historical marker

"PowerStack was a great fit for our project. No hassle with trenching or utility connections and a great example of a robust, easy-to-install, and good looking solar pole! This project uses PowerStack as the power supply and mounting surface for a security solution with data backhaul and a light."

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How it works – Off-grid, solar powered surveillance and lighting with PowerStack

Our integration partner on this project, DataVox chose an Axis Communications multidirectional camera and a Ubiquiti router, with an LED light arm. This is a great example of how PowerStack can power multiple different technologies and brands on the one pole, using just the power harvested from sunlight. 
We work closely with integrators, suppliers, architects and the end user on our projects, to ensure our solar poles deliver the best possible solution. And, because our poles are technology and brand agnostic, we offer real choice when it comes to device, communications and aesthetic of the installed pole. 

For more details on available technology integrations and solutions, please GET IN TOUCH. For current supplier details for PowerStack, check out our ‘Where to buy’ page. 

PowerStack off-grid surveillance and lighting integrated solar pole

Benefits of 100% off-grid power for surveillance, lighting and more

PowerStack vertical solar can be used to power a number of different technologies including security cameras, lighting, device charging, and wi-fi networks. Here are a few of the key features that made it a stand-out solution for this project. 

Sleek vertical design lends itself to urban, suburban and rural surrounds, no bulky and brittle flat panels.

100% off-grid wireless energy harnessed from powerful solar modules. Green, sustainable power.

Technology and brand agnostic, giving the end user flexibility over device type and style.

Reliable green energy provided by a unique, 4-sided design that maximizes sun capture, year round on any site. 

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