Physical Security, even in remote locations

Austin, TX — In an exciting development, PowerStack announces a strategic technology partnership with Verkada. Verkada is a leading provider of enterprise-grade physical security solutions and software.


Together, these two companies are on a mission to redefine the landscape of security in off-grid sites and locations. PowerStack enables this by delivering cutting-edge solutions powered by sustainable, solar technology. Verkada, known for their combination of innovative monitoring devices and cloud-based software system, is a perfect fit for PowerStack’s vision. 


Solar powered monitoring, made easy

The cameras boast reliable backup and long battery life, ensuring uninterrupted security coverage, even in adverse weather conditions. Similarly, PowerStack’s modular vertical design and integrated ESC maximizes sun capture and storage for 24/7 uptime. Plus the poles come with a 5 day battery backup, in the case of sustained inclement weather. 


In cases where grid power isn’t available or is simply too expensive or unreliable, PowerStack and Verkada combine to form a holistic physical security solution. One that gives reliable monitoring, all year round. 


The use cases for these technologies are myriad, with both technology companies already discussing applications with integrators and end-users. From mining sites, oil and gas fields, and pipelines, to roadways and rail tracks that lack AC access across large sections of their route. The list of potential uses and applications goes on. And from predictive maintenance, and cost savings, to improved OH&S, the value of the data such deployments would bring cannot be understated. 


Nathan Giblett, co-founder of PowerStack, elaborated on this benefit, stating,


We see so many uses where people want or need eyes on the ground but can’t or don’t deploy physical security systems because the cost and time to get power there is completely impractical. Even where there’s grid power, we’ve heard reports of it costing tens of thousands. Then there’s the and months of back and forth, just to extend power the 30m or so to where you’d need it. PowerStack eliminates all that. And, by integrating with technologies like Verkada, we deliver critical powered infrastructure where it’s needed, in a way that’s better for the environment.”

Addressing Physical Security Challenges – The PowerStack Difference

Traditional security systems often face limitations in areas with inconsistent power sources. PowerStack, with its smart modular solar power solution, offers a game-changing answer to these challenges. It supports various applications, including cameras, wireless sensors, and talk-down speakers, making it an accessible and practical solution for organizations operating in both remote and built-up locations.


Verkada’s cloud-based security systems are well-designed to integrate seamlessly with our products they have efficient power draw and they’re easy to install. By integrating Verkada’s solutions with PowerStack, we offer a complete package: off-grid power supply coupled with scalable security,” explained Nathan Giblett, Co-Founder of PowerStack. 

Verkada and PowerStack present at the Global Security Exchange event 2023

Mutual Benefits and Future Prospects

The partnership between PowerStack and Verkada showcases a shared vision for dependable and accessible security solutions. It promises to deliver tangible benefits, such as reduced grid power consumption and substantial CO2 emission savings. Together, they look ahead to a future marked by enhanced security for all.


About Verkada:


Verkada is the leading physical security platform to protect people and places. Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada’s product lines — video security cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, workplace, and intercoms — provide unparalleled building security through an integrated, secure cloud-based software platform. More than 17,000 organizations across more than 70 countries worldwide trust Verkada as their physical security layer for easier management, intelligent control, and scalable deployments. For more information, please visit  

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