The Experience Center for Axis Communications opened in Dallas and PowerStack were a technology partner

Powering up the New Dallas Axis® Experience Center

Dallas, Texas, Early last month, Axis Communications opened the doors to their much-anticipated new location for the Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Dallas, Texas. PowerStack was honored to be invited along for the launch. And even more excitingly, we were able to put one of our PowerStack solar poles into the center display.

What is an Axis Experience Center you ask?

PowerStack solar at the Dallas Experience Center from Axis

In their own words, an AEC combines “hands-on experience of network video, access control and audio solutions, with ’behind-the-scenes access to [their] latest technologies’, and opportunities to ‘learn how you can benefit from [their] products and solutions, as well as ‘expert insights into trends and future developments.”


For systems integrators, security solutions designers, and end user stakeholders, the centers are an invaluable way to get up close to Axis products and talk to the experts about how their products can increase safety and security across a huge range of applications and industries. 


Learn more about Axis Experience Centers.

Innovation through partnership

Axis regularly displays complementary and ancillary products in their AECs, as a way to showcase how their products can be integrated with their technology partner products to create a more holistic solution. The benefit that PowerStack brings, when integrated with Axis devices, is a ‘100% grid-independent’ solution that can be deployed anywhere with a baseline sunlight level.


Take a data center or utilities plant. There may be existing electrical infrastructure, but not at the site location where you need to deploy CCTV or other monitoring systems. Integrators will know that the costs and regulatory red tape involved in extending that grid infrastructure can delay a project or drive it off the table completely. PowerStack removes that hurdle. 

The front desk at the new Axis Experience Center in Dallas

Enabling ‘Deploy Anywhere’ Infrastructure

PowerStack’s unique vertical design and 100% grid-free power generation means that integrators can use the poles to power infrastructure without the need for cabling, trenching or utility access. With a concrete-free foundation and easy to install hinged base plate, the poles can be erected in under an hour with just a two-person team, using battery operated hand tools. 


This opens up a multitude of opportunities and use cases to deploy devices like Axis’s, to improve safety and security for public, commercial and industrial infrastructure.

Check out a live PowerStack project in partnership with Convergint that used Axis multidirectional cameras with 360° coverage to improve security and safety at a transport network in Austin, Texas. 

PowerStack’s US Director of Security, John Christian, commented,


“The Axis Experience Centers are a fantastic initiative and we’re honored that the team wanted to include PowerStack in the new Dallas center. They have a high caliber of customers and stakeholders coming through the center, so it’s fantastic to have exposure to those people and to showcase an easily deployable, full solution, using best-in-class monitoring devices from Axis.”


For more information about how you can integrate Axis devices or other functionality into a PowerStack pole for your chosen location, chat to our team today. 

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