The Brightest and Best Security Systems at ISC West - PowerStack Solar is One to Watch!

Austin, Texas, February 2024, It’s one of the biggest security exhibitions in the world, and this year’s ISC West is tipped to be bigger and better than ever. With new features including the very first ISC West Music Concert, plus over 650 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and technologies for security systems and video surveillance, access control, public safety, monitoring and alarms and much more, if you’re a professional in the security industry, it’s one not to be missed.


Last year’s event saw over 27,000 attendees from all over the US and the rest of the globe head to the Venetian Palazzo Convention center in Las Vegas for the event. At the same venue this year, organizers expect crowds to exceed those numbers. Confirmed exhibitors include big names such as Wesco Anixter, Convergint, Axis, Bosch, and Milestone, among many others. 


And there’s one thing most of the exhibitor’s products share: they need electric power to run wherever they are deployed. Enter PowerStack.


PowerStack offers a unique, sustainable way to power security solutions and we’re exhibiting for the first time at ISC West this year. Come along to Booth #34089 and find out how we can help you. Plus you can register for free exhibit hall access using our special link! 

A new way to power best-in-class security systems

As the world demands ever more connected (and safer) spaces and facilities, the need for surveillance and monitoring has also increased. And as growing populations often lead to some critical facilities being moved to more remote locations, accessing power for the infrastructure around them can be a challenge. 


Similarly, as our world evolves, data is emerging as a new commodity. Whether it’s getting eyes and ears on the ground to improve worker safety, or to unlock data insights for predictive maintenance, we’re finding more and more uses for monitoring infrastructure. But getting electricity to these devices can be difficult or overly expensive. And battery operated devices can quickly run out. 


PowerStack overcomes these challenges. With 100% off-grid solar generated electricity, our vertically integrated solar power poles can be deployed in locations where accessing grid AC power just isn’t possible. And in sites where extending the existing infrastructure will destroy budgets and timelines, PowerStack provides a cost-efficient solution. 


More flexible and reliable than conventional solar options, the slim, integrated design means the pole can be installed without the need for heavy machinery, and is able to provide 24/7 uptime, year round. 

Security systems proven in the field

PowerStack solar power poles have already been deployed to power everything from motion activated lighting, to different camera types and communication systems, to IoT sensors. And with use cases across public infrastructure, mining, road monitoring, parking lots and more, if it needs power, and it can be connected, it can be powered with PowerStack. Click to view some of our recent Case Studies.

Partnerships creating future proof security systems

While PowerStack is technology and brand agnostic, we’re proud to partner with some of the best-in-class security technology providers. Attendees at ISC West will be able to see PowerStack integrated with the following technologies alongside them at the show! 


Quanergy. A cutting-edge LiDAR technology provider integrates their Q-Track devices and software with PowerStack solar poles to create asset and facility protection systems you can deploy anywhere the sun shines. With advanced recognition software working alongside the long range LiDAR sensors, you can remotely monitor and detect potential threats. Reliable object classification means you can avoid costly call out fees for false alarms, and keep facilities secure. See them in action at Booth 32057, and see if you can spot the PowerStack!



Magos Systems. Magos introduces disruptive technology to the security market with high-performance radars and AI-based software capabilities by combining enhanced detection with accurate threat classification. When paired with PowerStack vertical solar poles, Magos technologies can now help property owners deploy perimeter system monitoring and intrusion detection systems without the need for costly, hard-wired electrical infrastructure. Ideal for data centers, educational facilities, power plants, agricultural land, correctional facilities, and more. Check them out at Booth 28053.

Quanergy Q-Track on a PowerStack Vertical Solar Pole in front of industrial buildings providing wireless security and monitoring with LiDAR
Quanergy and PowerStack combine for accurate, reliable monitoring and object classification
Magos radar provides energy efficient, reliable perimeter security solutions, combining with camera and VMS technology
Use Magos Systems devices with PowerStack for 100% off-grid perimeter monitoring

Solar security poles for 'deploy anywhere' systems

American manufactured, PowerStack modular solar poles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to power safety, security and smart technologies for your business and community projects. With modular, vertical solar, access power for security lighting, CCTV cameras, PA systems and more without the expensive and time-consuming utility approvals, trenching and cabling required when you connect to grid AC power. 


The unique design means PowerStack can be installed almost anywhere, and is optimized to capture maximum sunlight for each location, even in the depths of winter. Installed in as little as 60 minutes by a two person team, built to last, and delivering a 5 day backup in case of inclement weather, PowerStack is solar, reimagined. 

Wireless solar power CCTV and light pole at a transit hub in Texas, a project with Convergint

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