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Point Source Group renews agreement with PowerStack

New York, USA: PowerStack is pleased to announce it has re-appointed Point Source Group as its official representative for the lighting channel in Upstate New York.


Point Source Group will continue to offer PowerStack’s unique, powerful, and durable vertical solar poles for its customers requiring off-grid solar lighting solutions across Upstate New York. 

Point Source Group is a full service lighting manufacturer’s representative. They offer support across design and application, quoting, project management, and ordering. The firm works with a range of well known light fixture manufacturers – such as Acuity Brands, Lithonia Lighting, and Bega. Many of these brands integrate seamlessly with PowerStack.


By connecting luminaires with PowerStack in a turn-key solution, Point Source Group can offer an attractive, solar powered, outdoor lighting design. Well north of the Sun Belt, Upstate New York customers can rely on PowerStack to power outdoor lighting, thanks to the solar pole’s unique 4-sided design. This feature enables maximized sun capture for any site orientation.

Where sites have limited or no access to AC power from the grid, or where a sleek and American-made solar solution is required, PowerStack is an efficient, effective, and easy-to-install alternative.

Point Source Group’s Principal Sean Lucey said,

“Our customers are asking for solar solutions for their lighting projects and we’re pleased to offer them a great product that’s made in the USA. We look forward to many more PowerStack systems deployed in Upstate New York in 2024!”

Speaking about the relationship, PowerStacks’s Lighting Channel Manager, Jorge Trejo commented,

“Point Source Group has been an advocate for the PowerStack solution in its market for several years. It’s great to see that relationship continue. With owners and investors increasingly demanding sustainability and innovation in their real estate portfolios, we’re seeing increasing interest in renewable energy technologies in the site lighting plan. We’re proud to be working with Point Source Group to offer PowerStack as the answer.”

Delivering off-grid solar power solutions for lighting applications in Upstate NY

The renewed partnership affirms Point Source Group’s commitment to offer a range of PowerStack vertical solar poles, up to 25ft in height, for lighting applications. These core products are available alongside mounting accessories and ancillary products.


For a full range of PowerStack suppliers and channel partners, and to see your nearest supplier, please visit our ‘Where to buy’ page.

Solar power poles for Point Source Group commercial outdoor lighting

PowerStack vertical solar poles integrate with a number of lighting manufacturers’ fixtures and designs, to create ‘clean’ lighting solutions.


With PowerStack, you can avoid the time and expense of trenching, wiring, utility connections, and bulky foundations required by alternatives. PowerStack’s off-grid design facilitates reliable, cost-effective power and helps towards low-carbon goals.


Reliable power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. PowerStack is solar, reimagined.

PowerStack provides a range of outdoor solar powered road lighting solutions

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