Web header to showcase Convergint security annual event, UNITE is happening in Orlando, Florida, 2024, and PowerStack Energy are supporting

PowerStack heads to UNITE, Convergint® security's 2024 showcase event

Orlando, FL, February 2024, UNITE is one of the most prestigious events on the Convergint calendar, and PowerStack USA is honored to be invited as a technology partner to be one of the promoting sponsors at this year’s event in Orlando.


For Convergint security product providers, it’s a chance to showcase your offering to the leading global professionals in the organization, and the PowerStack team can’t wait to demonstrate how off-grid solar energy supply can revolutionize the solutions Convergint provides. 

Transforming Convergint Security Solutions

Convergint offers a full spectrum of monitoring, protection and access control system design and services for best-in-class security solutions. For many designs, security technologies are needed outdoors and without existing access to power. Enter PowerStack, with several years of experience collaborating with Convergint across the US and Australia.  See case study in Austin, Texas.


As an end-to-end solution provider, Convergint works with and offers a wide range of brands and devices to create solutions that best meet the needs of each product. That approach aligns with the flexible and modular nature of PowerStack, which enables the solar poles to be integrated with a wide range of different technologies and brands to create powered infrastructure. 


From PTZs and bullet cameras, to LoRaWAN gateways and IoT sensors, PowerStack can provide reliable, 24/7 uptime and connectivity for devices. 100% off-grid, this sustainable power source opens up new opportunities for Convergint sales and design teams to deploy low-voltage monitoring and surveillance in spaces that previously were infeasible. 


Driving education to create the next generation of Convergint security systems

The partner showcase, which runs across 17th and 18th of March 2024, forms part of a 4 day program of events and workshops for some 1300+ of Convergint’s the top performing staff. Aimed at providing education on the latest trends in the security industry, as well as networking opportunities and recognition for key performers, the invite-only event is highly anticipated by both Convergint and its partners. 


PowerStack is one of a select number of technology providers invited to exhibit at the Partner Showcase and attend the networking events. With this event and other partner events throughout the year, PowerStack looks forward to expanding its support of Convergint’s work in outdoor security across the globe.

Solar security poles for 'deploy anywhere' systems

Wireless solar power CCTV and light pole at a transit hub in Texas, a project with Convergint

American manufactured, PowerStack modular solar poles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to power safety, security and smart technologies for your business and community projects. With modular, vertical solar, access power for security lighting, IoT, Devices CCTV cameras, PA systems and more without the expensive and time-consuming processes required for accessing or extending existing electrical infrastructure. 


The unique design means PowerStack can be installed almost anywhere, and is optimized to capture maximum sunlight for each location, even in the depths of winter.


Installed in as little as 60 minutes by a two person team, built to last using best-in-class materials, and delivering a 5 day backup in case of inclement weather, PowerStack is solar, reimagined. 

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