Solar powered perimeter security solutions from PowerStack and Magos

The Power of partnership - Magos and PowerStack team up for future-proof Perimeter Security Solutions

New Jersey, USA, Advanced radar technology provider, Magos Systems, and vertical solar pole designers, PowerStack, announce a new technology alliance. This partnership allows Magos’ best-in-class radar systems to be deployed for perimeter security and intrusion detection, even in locations without existing electrical infrastructure, using PowerStack’s 100% off-grid solar power generation.


PowerStack’s modular solar poles utilize a fully integrated, 4-sided vertical design that maximizes sunlight capture. This enables them to run powered infrastructure independent of the usual utility application, trenching or cabling. Installed by just a 2 person team without the need for heavy machinery or bulky concrete foundations, PowerStack poles can be deployed virtually anywhere, including in sites where there is no existing power supply, or where the costs of accessing grid power would be prohibitive.

Solar Power and Radar - An Ideal Match

Magos radar provides energy efficient, reliable perimeter security solutions, combining with camera and VMS technology
Magos radar devices can be powered by PowerStack solar poles for off-grid perimeter security solutions

Magos introduces disruptive technology to the security industry with high-performance radars and Ai-driven software capabilities.


Combining enhanced intruder detection and precise threat classification results in the most effective perimeter protection solution, bringing false alarms to near zero in all weather and lighting conditions.


The long range, low voltage technology is ideal for everything from parking lots and data centers to correctional facilities, farmland, and airports. Such sites often require this kind of monitoring but running electrical infrastructure around a large perimeter can be expensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive.


PowerStack removes those hurdles, and is ideal for deployment in these environments. Its glassless solar panels and rugged aluminum pole make it highly weatherproof and vandal resistant. Like Magos technology, PowerStack poles are brand and technology agnostic, giving the end user full choice over ancillary products such as cameras and communications systems. 

Off-grid Perimeter Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

The partnership mutually benefits both companies: PowerStack illustrating new, compelling use-cases for durable off-grid solar technology and gaining exposure to Magos’ global network of customers. Meanwhile, Magos gains a solution to deploy technology swiftly in diverse locations, opening possibilities for creative solutions to meet client needs effectively. 


PowerStack’s COO in the USA, Jeremy Sigmon commented,

“There’s a real synergy between these two technologies – together we have a unique offering for a reliable, renewable security solution. With high value assets at stake, or the threat of theft or vandalism, there’s a real need for a reliable, durable monitoring system.The Magos technology is so well suited for remote locations without reliable access to power – a problem solved with PowerStack."

Magos’ Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nicole Palumbo says, “Using the PowerStack solution and our radar shows creativity that can open a world of opportunities. Due to infrastructure constraints, our clients express the necessity for surveillance in hard-to-reach areas. Off-grid solar brings those projects back on track, and enables new projects, giving our clients access to reliable, actionable data.”

PowerStack and Magos radar solutions can be used for educational facilities, power plants and agricultural land monitoring

PowerStack’s Sales Director for security applications in the US, John Christian commented:

“Technology partnerships like this are key to PowerStack’s success, and we work with carefully selected partners to create reliable, innovative, versatile solutions. We’re excited to get to work with the Magos team on future projects.”

See the Magos and PowerStack technology in action at this year’s ISC West event, in Las Vegas, from April 9-12. One of the world’s biggest Trade Security events, the expo, held at the Venetian Palazzo complex on the Las Vegas strip, brings together the latest products and technologies in CCTV and remote monitoring, access control, physical security and cyber security. PowerStack is at Booth 34089 so come and say hello! 

About Magos

Magos was founded in 2010 to bring advanced radar technologies to the civilian markets. The company offers extensive know-how and specializes in developing innovative, high-performance, cost-effective radars. Magos’s perimeter security solution seamlessly integrates with many video management systems and ONVIF-conformant camera models, and together with its unique AI Technology, it provides exact video-based object classification to cut down nuisance alarms to near zero without compromising threat detection capabilities. With a broad international experience in hundreds of installations for over 50 countries, Magos provides comprehensive and advanced security solutions for multiple verticals.


For additional details, visit the company’s website at

Solar security poles for 100% off-grid monitoring

American manufactured, PowerStack modular solar poles provide a sustainable, cost-effective way to power safety, security and smart technologies for your business and community projects. With totally off-grid vertical solar, access power for lighting, cameras, wireless sensors and more without the expensive and time-consuming utility approvals, trenching and cabling required by AC power. 


The unique modular design means PowerStack can be installed almost anywhere, and is optimized to capture maximum sunlight for each location. Installed in as little as 60 minutes by a two person team, built to last in rugged environments and delivering a 5 day backup, PowerStack is solar, reimagined. 


Reliable power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. PowerStack is solar, reimagined.

Wireless solar power CCTV and light pole at a transit hub in Texas, a project with Convergint

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