Vertical solar park lighting

Architectural, 100% off-grid solar powered park lighting at the Pio Pico Playground in Pico Rivera, California.

Project Type: Public infrastructure, solar powered park lighting

Location: Pico Rivera, California, USA

Product: M30 (10ft) PowerStack poles with top mount architectural light fixture 

Year: 2019 

Project: 18 evenly spaced poles along the park’s walking loop power Cooper ‘Invue ARB Arbor’ Post Top fixtures to illuminate the path. This illumination was designed to extend the useable park hours while increasing safety and security. The light fixture type was chosen to meet aesthetic requirements by the design team and park management. 



Challenge: With no existing electrical infrastructure, AC grid powered lighting would have required costly and time consuming applications for grid extension and installation. Solar was a good alternative, initiating a search for a reliable and attractive solar option that could integrate with the chosen light design. 

Solar powered park light pole with top mount luminaire

PowerStack - Solar powered park lighting, made easy

Upfront view of PowerStack solar park lighting example
Solar lighting bollard on a park walkway with panels integrated into the pole.

Solution: The 18 PowerStack poles could be deployed without the need for utility applications, or the trenching and cabling that would be required to extend grid infrastructure to match the site lighting plan. 


With solar powered lighting, 100% off-grid, the poles are installed with minimized disruption to the park or the surrounding community. By using PowerStack, Pio Pico Park and Playground have year-round illumination, with a five day backup designed for gray winter days. 


Flexible, modular and technology agnostic, the poles can be used to power other technologies such as cameras and Wi-Fi networks. In lighting applications, this gives the user choice over size (like the bollard light example) and style. In this project, the PowerStack pole seamlessly integrates with the post-top Invue Arbor luminaire, by Cooper

"PowerStack was able to provide the most reliable and simple solar lighting solutions, making it an ideal choice for this project."

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About the Project

At PowerStack, we work closely with the end user, manufacturers representatives, integrators and other technology partners on many of our projects. For Pio Pico solar park lighting, we worked with the team at SCI Lighting Solutions to deliver a turn-key solution that met the Park management’s requirements for look, time for delivery and sustainability. 
SCI Lighting solutions are a representative for PowerStack in Southern California. For supplier details across other regions and territories, see our Where to buy page.   

Benefits of vertical solar park lighting

PowerStack vertical solar can be used to power a number of different technologies including security cameras, lighting, device charging, and wi-fi networks. Here are a few of the key features that made it a stand-out solution for this project.

Sleek vertical design lends itself to urban, suburban and rural surrounds, no bulky and brittle flat panels.

No heavy machinery required for install or maintenance, easier to deploy with fewer regulatory demands. 

Technology and brand agnostic, giving the end user flexibility over device type and style.

Reliable green energy provided by a unique, 4-sided design that maximizes sun capture, year round on any site. 

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