Solar security poles provider PowerStack announces distribution agreement with ATAC, Inc

PowerStack USA inks distribution agreement for solar security poles with A.T.A.C Inc.

Rancho Cucamonga, California: PowerStack USA announces it has entered into an agreement with American Threat Assessment Consulting Inc. (ATAC, Inc.) for distribution of PowerStack’s products across the California and Arizona markets. 


The vertical solar pole technology complements ATAC, Inc.’s existing offering, providing an off-grid power source that can be integrated with a number of the camera devices and technologies already available through the security distributor. 

With applications across industries including mining, defense, commercial, industrial, and public spaces, PowerStack solar security poles are a cost-effective and efficient way to deploy powered infrastructure. 


Deployed in as little as 60 minutes, without the need for trenching, cabling, or utility application, PowerStack presents a solution to the challenges of deploying security technologies on remote sites or in challenging locations.


Similarly on projects with sustainability requirements, the 100% off-grid solar security poles are a green power source. With reduced environmental impact during install, and using a renewable power source instead of fossil fuels, they present a ‘clean’ power solution.

Solar security poles distribution map showing where ATAC, Inc. offer the PowerStack product range
ATAC, Inc. logo showcasing that the security distributor is now offering PowerStack solar security poles

Solar security poles powering critical infrastructure

Speaking about the new agreement, PowerStack USA’s sales director for security, John Christian commented,

“Partnerships like this one are a key component of our go-to-market strategy. ATAC, Inc. has a great reputation in the market and positions themselves as a full service provider. They’re already talking to the integrators and designers who would use our product in their projects, so we’re happy to bring PowerStack closer to these customers through this new distribution relationship. We also like that ATAC, Inc. is all about educating its clients on the latest technologies and future-proofing projects, which aligns with our approach. And with more and more customers needing to meet sustainability requirements or wanting to get eyes and ears on the ground in hard-to-reach spots, there’s a real need for our technology. We’re excited to help the ATAC, Inc. team deliver a solution for those challenges.”

ATAC, Inc.’s President, David Clark states,

“The time and expense associated with accessing power for a security project can often be the make-or-break point for project viability. PowerStack is a great addition to our offering because it solves this frequent problem, and it has the added benefit of running on renewable energy. We believe in being proactive and offering our clients best-in-class technologies that are future proof – so PowerStack strengthens our value proposition to our customers.”

The partnership establishes ATAC, Inc. as the go-to provider of the award-winning, vertical solar technology for security applications across the two states, with a range of PowerStack products available. 


To find an ATAC, Inc. representative for your project in Arizona or California, or to find a PowerStack representative near you, see our ‘Where to buy’ page.

Solar security poles for 100% off-grid monitoring

PowerStack vertical solar poles integrate with a wide range of brands and devices, powering not only monitoring and surveillance, but lighting, device charging, iot sensing and network provision as well.


With PowerStack, you can avoid the time and expense of trenching, wiring, utility connections, and bulky foundations required by alternatives. PowerStack’s off-grid design facilitates reliable, cost-effective power and helps towards low-carbon goals.


Reliable power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. PowerStack is solar, reimagined.

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