PowerStack provides you with eyes and ears on the ground, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you’re not there.

Australian mining sites commonly exist in hostile and remote locations, open to harsh environments, with limited WIFI connectivity or power. It is time-consuming, difficult and expensive to provide connectivity to remote mining locations. Thinks months of downtime, digging up your existing site, and kilometres of cabling. 


PowerStack has solved this problem, by delivering 100% off-the-grid technology to you, today.

The PowerStack Difference.

PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy monitoring technology, giving you off-the-grid power, enabling you to illuminate your entire site, providing you with 24-hour communications.

PowerStack eliminated the need for expensive cabling, you can deploy products in critical areas, for total site monitoring, even when you’re not there. Without the need for trenching or digging, there is no downtime on your site, meaning production can continue to run. 


We know that reliable power is critical to mining operations, and we understand the problems around getting power to remote areas. That is why PowerStack gives you off-the-grid power, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure production keeps moving. 


PowerStack allows you to illuminate your entire site, meaning you can ensure the safety of your people, and the security of your assets and site, at all times. 


Communication is vital to remote mining operations. PowerStack is fully deployed on the ground in under 30 minutes, without the need for heavy machinery or loss of time. You can be fully connected within the hour. Having total-site communication means you can keep things moving. 

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PowerStack provides endless possibilities

Intelligent design, expert engineering, global solutions.

Deployed communications.

Providing Communications within the mining industry drives safety and allows greater production capabilities to your business. Powerstack allows you to rapidly deploy teleCommunications, WIFI HotSpots, Cellular repeaters, Wireless connection of autonomous vehicles and Radio Intelligence in minutes… staying connected 24/7… Ask us how!

Off-the-grid power.

The remoteness of Mining sites means that grid charging isn’t always available. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid Charging stations for phone, ipads and electronic equipment, small to medium Electrical Vehicles, drones for maintenance and monitoring – giving your workforce the ability to communicate around the site or exploration area… Ask us how!

Total site monitoring.

Safety on Mining sites is paramount. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy monitoring technology to provide a duty of care for your workforce – providing eyes & ears  through CCTV – securing assets from theft and vandalism, Emergency help points, Proximity, AIOT & Environmental sensors anywhere the sun shines… Ask us how!

Illuminating critical areas.

Illuminating critical areas (cable free) allows different rostered shifts, heavy machinery and general navigation to get from point A to Point B safely and securely. PowerStack allows you to rapidly deploy off-grid lighting assets for car parks, walkways, roadways, compounds, intersections in 28 minutes… Ask us how! 

“The PowerStack has been a game-changer for us - we now have high definition cameras that can recognise number plates at night and at high speed without the need of major power supply or running infrastructure”

James Vincent

Regional Illegal Dumping Prevention Coordinator

Southern Region Waste Program

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