SCI Lighting Solutions logo and map to indicate that the manufacturer's representative is the partner for PowerStack for Southern California lighting design

PowerStack available from SCI Lighting Solutions in Southern California

Irvine, CA, January 2024: PowerStack USA is pleased to announce it has renewed its agreement with California based lighting agency, SCI Lighting Solutions.


SCI Lighting Solutions will continue to represent PowerStack’s vertical solar power pole solutions for architectural and operational lighting across Southern California. With premises in Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego, SCI Lighting is well placed to serve the area’s off-grid powered lighting needs. 

A map of California with Southern California highlighted to show where PowerStack is represented by SCI Solutions

Signed in late 2023, the partnership enables PowerStack to expand its presence in Southern California, where solar resources are abundant and resilient technologies powered by renewable energy are in demand. 


With plentiful sunshine and a progressive lean toward sustainable design and architecture, there is already a clear synergy between the Southern California region and PowerStack’s green, solar power technology. 


Benefiting from SCI Lighting’s trusted reputation and the agency’s knowledge of the local market, PowerStack is excited to work with the team to bring 100% off-grid solar power solutions to their customers’ lighting projects. 


Making sustainable lighting design accessible in Southern California

SCI Lighting Solutions is a full service lighting agency, with over 30 years experience designing and delivering beautiful and high-performing lighting projects. Working with best-in-class manufacturers, their mission is to provide the best lighting solution for the project requirements. 


PowerStack brings a new dimension to their outdoor solutions, enabling off-grid, sustainable power supply for projects where solar is the right solution and durability, power capacity, and aesthetics are required. Similarly, in sites or locations where accessing grid supplied AC power is too difficult or costly, PowerStack is a cost-effective, efficient solution. 

“SCI is thrilled to continue our partnership with PowerStack Energy, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to offering sustainable solutions to our customers and specifiers.” SCI Lighting’s Director of Marketing, Danielle Thompson commented.

Speaking about the renewed agreement, PowerStack’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Sigmon commented,

“We’re proud to have a few successful projects with SCI Lighting, including Pio Pico Park and Playground in Pico Rivera. This agreement reaffirms our commitment to introducing PowerStack into Southern California through a trusted partner and kicks our collaboration into higher gear. We look forward to all the new opportunities this partnership will bring!”

To learn more about the Pio Pico Park project with PowerStack and SCI Lighting Solutions in Southern California, click the button. 

The partnership establishes SCI Lighting Solutions as the go-to resource for PowerStack in the outdoor lighting space across the region. SCI Lighting now offers a range of PowerStack vertical solar poles, from 3ft bollards for pathway and ambient lighting, up to 25ft poles for area lighting, facilitating various solar powered lighting solutions for Southern California customers. 


The poles are compatible with a wide range of light fixtures and pole mount types, offering broad design choices to the end user. 


To find a SCI Lighting Solutions representative for your project in Southern California, or to find a PowerStack representative near you, see our ‘Where to buy’ page.

Solar power poles for commercial outdoor lighting

PowerStack vertical solar poles integrate with a number of lighting manufacturers, including those represented by SCI Lighting Solutions, to create sustainable lighting design

With PowerStack, you can avoid the time and expense of trenching, wiring, utility connections, and bulky foundations required by alternatives. PowerStack’s off-grid design facilitates reliable, cost-effective power and helps towards low-carbon goals.

Reliable power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. PowerStack is solar, reimagined.

Solar powered park light pole with top mount luminaire

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