Montage of images from PowerStack solar power supply poles at the 2023 Global Security Exchange

Showcasing solar power supply for security at GSX 23

The Global Security Exchange (GSX 2023), is one of the most important annual events for the security industry.  Nearly 20,000 conference attendees took the Dallas convention center by storm. And the PowerStack team was there in force, showcasing how our solar, off-grid power supply solution is changing the security industry.


PowerStack’s elegant solar poles and a friendly team in green stood tall, greeting a constant flow of guests at Booth #3866.  Current and prospective customers enjoyed brainstorming how and where best to deploy this attractive, reliable, renewable, and versatile infrastructure solution.  As for when to deploy it, PowerStack customers have resoundingly said, “Now!”

The PowerStack Energy team at Global Security Exchange

Security integrators are leveraging PowerStack as a durable, rapidly deployable power supply that seamlessly integrates with virtually any security solution that integrators may design.  Technology providers are excited about PowerStack for its universal compatibility as a dependable power supply and a sleek and simple vertical infrastructure to which to mount it.


Two such technology partners showcased their own products at their GSX booths atop PowerStack demonstration poles.  Many thanks to both Verkada and Quanergy for the opportunity to demonstrate new combined technology integrations for security-focused customers!  


Solar powered technology solutions

Quanergy, a 3-D LiDAR security solutions provider, also showcased its technology on PowerStack poles.  Visitors to their booth could see the power of 3-D security in action with their LiDAR technology atop PowerStack poles.

This technology provides realtime tracking and analysis of objects and people, enabling remote monitoring of a site and reducing costly false alarms. 

Quanergy and PowerStack USA teams at Global Security Exchange Expo 2023
Verkada and PowerStack present at the Global Security Exchange event 2023

Verkada, a fast-growing software and hardware provider for security solutions, showcased advanced security camera technologies on a PowerStack pole.  The show pole included PowerStack charging shelves that were a popular meeting point for the Verkada team and their customers.  


PowerStack have since announced a strategic partnership with Verkada, providing holistic off-grid security solutions that combine Verkada’s monitoring hardware and cloud solutions with PowerStack vertical solar, for fully off-grid physical monitoring. 

The PowerStack phones have been ringing off the hook since the show.  We can’t wait for your call and next year’s GSX show!


Thank you from all of us at PowerStack USA!

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