Quanergy and PowerStack USA teams at Global Security Exchange Expo 2023

The Challenge of Remote Wireless Security

AUSTIN, TX – In today’s fast-changing world, security, sustainability, and advanced technology take center stage. Quanergy Solutions and PowerStack are thrilled to announce a strategic technology alliance! One that is set to redefine wireless security for critical infrastructure.
Picture a data center with a large perimeter fence or a utility facility without power access for cameras. Or, imagine a rural road that has large sections unmonitored and unpowered. Securing and surveilling these locations is complex, because of the absence of traditional power sources and infrastructure. This challenge often leads to costly and unreliable security solutions. These legacy solutions can then be burdened with false alarms. As a result, there’s unnecessary cost and pressure on security and rapid response personnel. 
Quanergy Q-Track on a PowerStack Vertical Solar Pole in front of industrial buildings providing wireless security and monitoring with LiDAR

Introducing the Power of Partnership


Quanergy Solutions, known for their cutting-edge 3D LiDAR security solutions, have partnered with PowerStack to create an integrated solution to these challenges. The solution is powered by the latter’s 100% off-grid, integrated solar poles.


Jeremy Sigmon, Chief Operating Officer, PowerStack talks about the importance of partnership,

We’re proud to unlock the potential of Quanergy’s technology by providing a reliable, durable, renewable, and rapidly-deployable power supply for virtually any location. PowerStack is excited to support Quanergy’s innovative technologies that are transforming site security.”


Quanergy’s Q-Track™: This solution is setting new targets for remote monitoring. Combining Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software, the product offers users incredibly precise, 3D intelligent monitoring. Q-Track enables proactive identification and realtime tracking of objects such as people and vehicles in an area. It is also long range, compatible with leading VMS providers and has a built in PTZ camera control. When installed together, this gives you a holistic solution that provides full ‘eyes on the ground’ monitoring. This translates to overall improvement in the safety and security of a monitored site (and any staff in the area), and reduces the number of call outs for ‘false alarms’ being triggered by wildlife, authorized people and vehicles, or even inclement weather events.  

The Integration


The integration of Quanergy’s Q-Track with PowerStack’s solar poles empowers commercial and industrial sites to deploy advanced security solutions without the need for traditional power supply or data infrastructure. In blind spots on sites or in areas where the cost of accessing grid power is prohibitive, integrators can combine Quanergy’s Q-Track system with PowerStack’s fully integrated solar poles for an off-grid, powered monitoring solution.


Gerald Becker, Vice President of Market Development and Alliances at Quanergy says, “Time and time again we run into scenarios with our clients in which infrastructure for remote locations is the costliest component of a deployment. Power and data are not always available, and that’s where PowerStack’s offerings are ideal, providing an easy-to-install and renewable energy source for Q-Track installations in the most difficult remote environments.”

Download our info sheet for the Quanergy plus PowerStack solution for 100% off -grid, LiDAR monitoring for critical infrastructure. 

The Future of Remote Security

This partnership hints at the future of off-grid or wireless security, where technology and sustainability come together to conquer complex security challenges. As the world evolves, so does the need for greater analysis and oversight. This makes remote security solutions more valuable and in demand than ever before.


For more information, visit Quanergy’s website and explore PowerStack’s offerings.


About Quanergy


Quanergy is revolutionizing physical security with real-time 3D LiDAR solutions. Based in Silicon Valley, Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR security solution delivers proactive awareness for highly dynamic environments like critical infrastructure, smart cities, smart spaces, and industrial automation. Quanergy’s mission is to ensure you see beyond current sensing limitations and experience the power of 3D security, designed for our 3D world.


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