Wireless solar powered CCTV with PowerStack

Delivering safety and security with wireless solar powered infrastructure, for Austin’s metro transit authority.

Project Type: Wireless, solar powered CCTV and lighting for key transit hubs

Location: CapMetro transit centers, Austin, Texas, USA

Product: M60 (20ft) PowerStack poles with Axis Communications 360° Camera, Sierra Wireless Communications, and LED light arm  

Integrator: Convergint

Year: 2022-2023

Project: The team at CapMetro had a mission to implement and test renewable technologies at a new type of transit center. The aim was to improve public safety and security at transit hubs to enhance commuters experience when using these facilities, and reduce security issues. 


Challenge: With a mandate for renewable energy use, the team needed a power source that was green, low profile, and powerful enough to run cameras, communications and lighting. An added benefit would be a solution that could be installed fairly quickly, with minimal disruption. Some of the sites were on fairly busy routes so the team wanted to avoid disrupting services and traffic if possible.

CapMetro Wireless Solar Power CCTV Pole with light arm at a transit hub in Austin, Texas.

PowerStack - Solar energy for wireless CCTV and lighting

Wireless solar power CCTV and light pole at a transit hub in Texas, a project with Convergint

Solution: PowerStack wireless solar poles were chosen as a sustainable way to provide power for the new security infrastructure at the transit hubs. 100% off-grid, our solar poles met the renewable energy and reliability requirements for the project.


PowerStack worked with the team to deploy 20ft poles across 14 key sites within the CapMetro network. The poles power a 360° wireless CCTV camera, with a led light arm and communications for the camera feed. 


Using only the power from the sun, the integrated, vertical poles provide enough energy for 24/7 uptime on the camera, and illumination at night. This enhances safety and security for transit center users in a sustainable way. Plus, the end user minimized community disruption with PowerStack’s fast, efficient installation process. 

"We were given a mission by executives to implement and test renewable energies at these new types of transit centers. As part of that, we partnered with PowerStack, which proved to be a valuable and sustainable choice."

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How it works: Wireless solar CCTV and lighting – a winning combination 

Projects like this one come together because at Powerstack, we work with a range of trusted integrators, channel partners, technology providers and specification teams, alongside the end user. This wirelessly powered CCTV and lighting installation works as fully integrated ‘power pole + device’ solution, brought to life by the team at Convergint, the project integrator and PowerStack’s customer. Working with the end user, Convergint selected an Axis® Communications camera and Sierra Wireless communications router. PowerStack is designed to integrate with a wide range of devices like these, and works with many brands and technologies. 
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Benefits of vertical solar power for wireless CCTV and lighting

PowerStack vertical solar can be used to power a number of different technologies including security cameras, lighting, device charging, and Wi-Fi networks. Here are a few of the key features that made it a stand-out solution for this project. 

Sleek vertical design lends itself to urban, suburban and rural surrounds, no bulky and brittle flat panels.

100% off-grid wireless energy harnessed from powerful solar modules. Green, sustainable power.

Technology and brand agnostic, giving the end user flexibility over device type and style.

Reliable green energy provided by a unique, 4-sided design that maximizes sun capture, year round at any site. 

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